Repository Accounts

Sharing your data and digital maps between departments or collaborating agencies have never been easier. Our online repository service allows you to share your files with coworkers and other partners enabling quick and easy access to protected digital maps in a secure environment. We create your repository account, upload your files and provide you with a shared access password for accessing the files online.


The repository’s data capture service makes it easy to have your data entered and validated from anywhere with Internet access. Data entry, editing and validation can be done at the office, at home or in the field, using a despotop computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. The service hinges on two specific capabilities:

Clients have the ability to build any form they choose, activate it, and have their data collected and entered from anywhere. Its easy, reliable, economical and paperless.


Sharing your data files between departments or remote field staff comes as a standard service with our repository accounts. This feature allows you to upload or download data files to your repository account, enabling quick and easy access to digital resources in a secure environment.

In-house administration access, encryption and advanced password management are just a few of the features securing this service.


Staff empowerment and better decision making is easy when you have interactive spatial services at your finger tips. Displaying your digital maps can be done privately between departments and staff, or with collaborating agencies via our front-end maps display application. Its specific features are:

Our interactive map application service allows for quick and easy access to vital spatial information. Using maps for work has never been more innovative.


Our mission is to provide you with the very best spatial data sets in Jamaica. If you you are experiencing problems with our service please feel free to contact us by clicking here.